About AdminX

AdminX is a sleek admin panel that works with any database, to help you manage your content with precision and style.

AdminX's panel dashboard integrates with any database and automatically scales with its size and complexity, without coding. It helps you grow your digital product or service in a very easy way.

The only way to develop a great product with competitive features is to build your own. Based on the premise "Manage your content beautifully", AdminX helps you manage your database without the need to code new interfaces all the time. When you change the database structure of your app, AdminX works its magic to update your panel dashboard, saving you hundreds of hours of work, and ultimately speeding up your development cycle. It just adapts automatically!

There are several off-the-shelf solutions out there, but from my point of view they are all too generic, relying on poorly coded 3rd party plugins, and pushing their own ecosystem and ways to structure your data. My approach with AdminX is to do one thing and do it right. A minimalistic and sleek application that remains as close to what data looks like in real applications as possible, preserving its flexibility and taking advantage of what technology allows us to do without abusing it.

In the end, no content management system will cover for all the requirements of your product. All CMSs can do, is to help you support product features that make a delightful front-facing experience. With AdminX, you can automatically adapt to change, the bigger and more complex your product gets, the more you save. Together with other soft features, like support for 15+ data types and form validations to store data precisely, image uploads to enrich your content and plugins for all major web frameworks, AdminX really is the perfect companion for growing a digital business.

AdminX was built from the ground up by me, Albert Peiró, from Barcelona. It started as a tool I developed to manage the content of my own projects beautifully, and the clients I have as a consultant. Now, the goal is to turn it into a business to make it an even better tool, with great support and adoption. So, if this app is helping you, please consider subscribing to help me get closer to my goal!

Manage your content beautifully.