Create a panel

  1. Sign in to your account
    Create an account or Sign in

  2. Add a panel
    Go to your list of panels and click the Add new button or click here.

  3. Configure your panel
    Fill in the details to make point to your website / API

    • Development
      To connect a development website you can use localhost. If your development setup requires a port, you can also add it like this http://localhost:1337
    • Live
      To connect a live website you should prefix the configuration urls with the right protocol (http:// or https://)
  4. Save the Data Auth Token on your panel
    Keep it at hand, you will need to add it to your framework config later.

Hooray! You’re done creating a panel.

What’s next?

Install AdminX on your website (automatically with a plugin)
Install AdminX on your website (manually with webhooks)