Easy to integrate
You can get running in less than 2 minutes by installing one of our plugins, or implementing our webhook API. Keeping your admin panel in sync with your database is automatic by default and easily customizable.
All the plugins
We aim to become the new standard in content management. So we're building support for every framework.
Supported frameworks
Simple, safe architecture
AdminX protects your privacy by design. Your data travels encrypted directly from your servers to your browser and back - we never process, store or cache it. So you can remain compliant.
Form customization
Developers can customize how data gets displayed an stored in a simple way, no coding required.
Functional lists
Access all your data in a fast, easy and comprehensive way.
Infinitely scalable
It automatically grows with your database size and complexity. New models automatically appear in your AdminX panel, saving you work. Whether you need to scale on models, fields or entries, you can handle it with AdminX.
Support for 15+ data types
We support every data type, and we are always seeking out new ways to make data input faster and more reliable.
Supported data types
Image uploads
Easily upload and manage images used in your data. Configure AdminX to sync your image gallery with Amazon Web Services S3 or any other datastore of your choice.
Mobile ready
AdminX just works on mobile out of the box, so you can manage your data on the go.
Designed and built to be the fastest. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure you can manage your data the fastest way possible.
Notifications you'll understand
Notifications are easy to understand, and include links to our documentation, to help you get out of sticky situations quickly.
Improve the quality of your data by enabling validations. From required or disabled fields to custom patterns. AdminX helps you enforce data input just the way you need it.
Actions on an entry
Connect a custom action to your own code to pre-process an entry before it gets created or updated. This helps you handle exceptions and test your product visually.
Dynamic menu and dashboard
All your models are accessible from the side bar and dashboard.
Always improving
We're constantly seeking out new ways to cut coding and content management time so you can focus on what truly makes your business thrive.

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